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Chocolate Cake Liqueur

Chocolate Cake Liqueur

Everybody’s Favorite

Who can resist a classic? Our Chocolate Cake has all of the seductive scent and succulent sweetness of the original. Subtle hazelnut tones overlay a rich, complex chocolate flavor derived from the finest tropical cocoas, creating a smooth, elegant taste sensation that keeps you coming back for seconds.

Enjoy a shot splashed over ice, or stirred into your favorite coffee. Or, mix it up with your favorite flavored vodka for a mesmerizing martini. No matter how Chocolate Cake is served, it’s simply irresistible.

Try these great Chocolate Cake Drink Recipes:



• 3 oz. Chocolate Cake Liqueur
• 1 oz. Peppermint Schnapps


• 2 oz. Chocolate Cake Liqueur
• 2 oz. Vanilla Vodka


• 2 oz. Strawberry Shortcake Liqueur
• 1 oz. Chocolate Cake Liqueur

Piece of Cake Liqueur

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Piece of Cake Liqueur

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